Howie Danzik

Howie Danzik has established himself as a premier member of the Amway Global team, earning great success as an independent business owner. Working under Amway Global’s Business Owner Compensation Plan, Howie Danzik has consistently expanded his network to the point of achieving elite status as a Founders Executive Diamond. Individuals in Amway Global’s network marketing system sell Amway-developed products as they help others establish their own sales networks. A combination of talents in strategic planning, marketing, selling, and motivating others to succeed has propelled Howie Danzik into full financial security.

In addition to a strong affiliation with Amway Global, Howie Danzik has also thrived as a member of the Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOAI). Driven by Amway, the IBOAI made up of top leaders in North America. Howie Danzik’s prolific career in network marketing with Amway Global earned him a nomination to the Board of Directors, where he was honored to serve the organization. A great deal of trust is placed in the members of the Board of Directors to handle all official activity carried out in the organization's name, as they have proven successful with business models encouraged by the IBOAI. During his tenure on the Board of Directors with IBOAI, Howie Danzik contributed significantly to the Board's decision-making process, offering insight backed by experience as to how improvements could be made for independent business owners.

Howie Danzik's success is motivated by the desire to provide a high standard of living for his family, a goal which he certainly has achieved. Together with his wife Theresa, also a Founders Executive Diamond, and their three children, Howie Danzik owns homes in Colorado, Florida, and Hawaii. Howie Danzik stays actively involved in his family's life and provides his children with an in-home education.