Howie Hale

woodinville wa

My innovative services are unique compared to other marketing consultants or agencies that sell SEO, PPC or local marketing optimization. Although having the number one spot in search engine results is desirable, increasing sales is your top priority. This means getting more customers engaging with you and your business. Like many are already aware, online marketing is much more competitive than ever. Everyone is vying for the same coveted space on the FIRST page of Google. However, having that position isn't enough. Overpowering your competition and increasing your sales is far more imperative than merely appearing in search results. Therefore, I hold my clients to much higher standards over other SEO firms. Unlike others, I work exclusively with clients who are willing to focus on and to perform the specific, critical tasks required for creating top-notch organizations. Successful search campaigns are a direct result of good strategizing and available resources.


• Escalating Traffic: Implement effective tactics for driving traffic to your site.
• Engaging Clients: Adjust your website, content and/or voice to reflect customer needs, not designer needs.
• Review Colonization: Be 100% committed that all clients and customers provide positive reviews.
• Customer Preservation: Develop a drip-marketing program for engaging your clients.
• Quantify Success: Track campaign effectiveness through connections, calls, and conversions.

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