Howie Howard

All Aboard the Howie-Go-Round! I'm a 40 year old writer living in Plymouth in the UK. I have recently published two short story collections which are on sale via 'The Meat Hook Realities', a horror compilation and 'They Call Me Gonzalez...' a collection of comedy works. I am currently working on a number of projects including a graphic novel and a couple of full prose novels - watch this space!

I have spent the past 23 years in the Royal Navy as a Medic and have found myself in some of the strangest situations I could ever imagine: My time in the 'mob' (including a lengthy stint as a company Medic with the Royal Marines) has taken me to both Arctic & Antarctic Circles, a shitty ditch or two in Northern Iraq and Turkey, a whole host of bars frequented by 'interesting ladies' throughout South America and the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. I've frozen my tits off, been piss wet through and pissed off in such Hell-holes as the Brecon Beacons and the Isle of Skye... I've thrown up and shat myself on the Syrian border, been held at gunpoint by Turkish soldiers, been chased by Russian Mafia in Cyprus, nearly drowned on a beach landing in Northern Scotland (idiot), hounded by pushy Christians, lost a bet on a rather one-sided fight between a Camel Spider and a Scorpion and stabbed by Gibraltarians. I'm also looking to serialise a few such events that I will look to push out to a publisher one day, hey you never know, some one might read it!