Forrest Ward

My name is Forrest as you must already have read. I was born in Groves, Tx. which is a small town in south east Texas. Growing up in Texas was a great way of life (it's the best country in the United States) ! My family was always athletically inclined and fortunately I got a lot of it from my father who was involved in sports his whole life, that which did not come from him I picked up from my brother who was passionate about competition. Football and Baseball is a way of life in Texas and my brother and I were no different. Although my brother was larger and better, I still was lucky enough to have a few good days here and there. I joined the Army in 1987 and enjoyed 4 years of aviation, helicopters were a great experience and love flying to this day. After the Army I decided to go to college, and The University of Texas was my choice. After four years of college I traveled around and lived in North Carolina, Florida, Alabama and now Georgia.