Mel Howlett

Mel Howlett

Hello! My name is Mel, and Iwas born to travel.

In 2011, I packed my belongings into one bag and left the Sydney bubble I lived in for 23 years on a solomission to embark on the biggest adventure of my existence. With no expectationswhat so ever, I discovered a world that has changed me forever. Four years on, Ihave been around the globe a few times, found love and I am still not lookingback.

It wasn’t until anunfortunate incident occurred this year, where I broke my leg traveling in athird world country, which gave me enough down time to finally decide that I shouldwrite my own blog to share my amazing experiences with my friends, family andwhoever else may be interested in following my journey.

I am a working traveler inthe Yachting Industry, which enables me to live the lifestyle I do, takingextended holidays along the way. My blog comprises a combination of work andtravel destinations alike, showcasing some of my favorite destinations in theworld through my personal photos & experiences.

Offcourseonpurpose is areflection of me. The way I travel; without a plan or set itinerary. I believethe best & most memorable experiences end up being those that aren’tplanned or when you find yourself completely lost.

It also replicates the stageI am at in life. At 27 years old, when the biological clock apparentlystarts ticking, I am faced with many personal expectations from family andfriends; always confronted with questions like “When are you going to settledown Mel?” and “When are you ever coming home?”

To me, my home is wherever myanchor drops.