How to Baby


Think in themes! Using a theme can make decorating SO much easier than if you juicet have a vague idea of boy or girl for decorations. Here are some simple ways you can save money on decorations. how to have a baby early

Using the baby’s nursery theme, you can incorporate your gifts for the new mom into the decorations. If the baby is going to have a Noah’s Ark, farm, or jungle themed room, you can get some stuffed animals to decorate with! Use them as centerpieces and to decorate side tables, as needed.

For a star themed room, you can cut out large stars, spray paint them silver and gold and hang them from the ceiling. Use star confetti on the tables and try to find some wire garland, too. I’ve seen these styles of garland all year round. Stars are also easy to find on candles, tablecloths, napkins, etc.

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Many people love to give diaper cakes as baby boy shower gifts. They not only serve as gifts, but make great centerpieces!

For the baby showers I have hosted, I always like to have a menu on display so the guests know what they are eating! It probably comes from being a picky eater, but I have always gotten wonderful comments on this. It is VERY simple to do, too! Juicet get a nice picture frame (you can even get one engraved for a baby gift!) and on your computer, style up the daftar of foods you will be serving. Use a font that coordinates with the theme, center it on the page and print it out! I like to order the item the same way nice restaurants do with appetizers first, salads and breads next, main courses after that, followed by desserts and beverages.

It really is a very nice touch that doesn’t take much work at all, but you will get lots of compliments on it! I don’t even mind if you take all the credit yourself!

If you want to have something outside the baby shower location to announce it, you can get a banner or yard sign that can also be given to the mother as a gift. Always be thinking of dual purpose baby shower decorations that can be given as gifts! This is a great way to save money!
Flowers are wonderful additions to any baby shower décor. If