How to be a Perennial

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How To Be a Perennial

It's a mindset of growth. We take inspiration from perennial plants that “exist for an apparently infinite time”.

What do quality of life and life satisfaction mean to you, as a Perennial? Using Statistics Canada’s new Quality of Life Framework we will determine what is important to you, use your Perennial mindset to take action. The model looks at society, health, prosperity, environment, governance, life satisfaction, and more. Part 1 of each class will be informative. Part 2 is interactive with small breakout groups designed to deepen understanding, generate ideas, enable personal reflection and develop possibility.

Because “it takes a village” for us to improve the quality of life for ourselves and others, the instructors launched “How to be a Perennial” at TMU in 2023. "Practicing Perennials" is a supportive community where growth mindsets enable life satisfaction.

Michelle Ransom,Lindsay McDonald & Brian Jantzi are consultants, communicators, and facilitative educators in organizational and individual change.

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Thank you to prior TMU participants!

  • "I'm equipped to be proactive with improving my quality of life” -A, student
  • “Sharing perspectives and advice was surprisingly valuable” -M. researcher
  • "The questions you asked made me feel a whole lot I feel in control...I can't thank you enough" - P, volunteer/teacher

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