how to count one to ten

from KIWIPORT / BounDEE by SSNW DQC-957

We are
"how to count one to ten"

member :
Yuta Okuhara (Gt,Key)
Yosuke Minamizuka (Dr)
Taichi Yaguchi (Gt)
Mayuko Wada (Ba)
Shunsuke Hayashi (Gt)

Formed by a drummer, bassist, and 3 guitarists, "howtocount1to10" is an instrumental post-rock band from Tokyo, Japan. The sound is clean, using no effects, and creates a sort of bricolage by utilizing the natural beauty of sound. Their songs are composed by splitting notes between the five of them with pin-point accuracy. When combined, they create a surprisingly colorful, fresh pop sound.

Performing their notes with unwavering faith creates inventive scales that leave listeners open to a universe of interpretations.

By noticing the wide variety of sounds created by bridge muting, they found that when their 3 guitarists hit the same chords, this created a slight phase shift. Skillfully intertwining this with the drummer's poppy ghost notes, and glued together with streaming bass lines, their music creates a virtual cocktail party of sound that tugs at the heart strings of their listeners.