DIY Channel on YouTube


Why did we decide to create this “how to do-it-yourself YouTube channel”? Because we believe there was a need for it. A Need to compile the ultimate “how-to Guide” by way of video instructions that is always short and to the point. The reason is that we have learned that most#YouTubeviewers will decide during the first 15 seconds of any video whether they are going to keep watching or not. So, aimed to build trust and curiosity within the first 15 seconds of each video. HashtagHowToDIY is the How-to DIYYouTube channel set up as “How-to Video Guide” , “How-to-DIY YouTube Video Channel” and “Instructional Videos on YouTube”for DYI topics, set up as a #YouTubeChannel with multiple playlist, each of them designed to bring everyone “how-to DIY video instructions”, guides and “DIY tips”on how to do many things by yourself.

It is our intention to share our knowledge of howto do things by yourself, so that we can empower you and make more self- efficient and self reliant.

This YouTube channel is the how-to authority set up just as a YouTube channel without the need for having a conventional website. In other words, this how-to DIY channel on YouTube is our “web” site.