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Pasta without Parmesan? Caprese without mozzarella? Unimaginable! Cheese is an essential ingredient in Italian cuisine. It's just me. That's why how to drink aloe vera juice for weight loss I tell you on what cheese - employ the versatile way you strong hard cheese over ricotta cheese up to mozzarella.

You know Parmesan and mozzarella. But have you ever cooked with tender melting fontina? Or the tangy sheep's milk cheese pecorino? The nice thing about the product variety: Each cheese tastes different and suitable for a different kind of preparation. Therefore you should know before shopping for what you want to use the cheese later: for example, for a creamy sauce, Gratin, or in salads.

Pecorino, parmesan cheese and Grana padano belong to the hard cheeses and suitable to spice up soups, sauces and Risotti. These cheeses are available in different degrees of maturity. The cheese is older, he's also the harder and stronger in taste.

I'm eating often pure mozzarella. But also on pizza or casseroles, he makes an excellent figure, because it melts well. Whether you use the cheese made enema weight loss recipe from cow's or buffalo milk, is a matter of taste. Personally, I prefer the mürberen, fine tart "mozzarella di bufala".

Gorgonzola fits perfectly with salads. He melts into sauces but also beautiful. You have the choice between two flavors: the creamy mild "dolce" and the "piccante" spicy crumbly gorgonzola.

When we speak of ricotta cheese in Germany, we mean almost exclusively in the form similar to cottage cheese "Ricotta fresca". With him, I prepare desserts, especially sauces and pasta fillings.

Properly storing cheese

Real cheese fans probably know it: proper storage is important - especially for the aroma. My advice: Let the cheese in its wax paper or wrap in parchment or baking paper. So it does not dry out. In fully airtight cans, however, "sweats" cheese. The result: He starts faster, to spoil.

Store cheese ideally in the fridge. He develops its flavor but the best at room temperature. Therefore you should take cheese out of the refrigerator enema weight loss recipe about an hour before you want to eat him.

The cheese plate times differently

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