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Are you looking for a solution to export Outlook Mac to Thunderbird? If yes! Just remove your shoe laces and take a seat right over here on this page because we are going to provide you the accurate solution. Let’s start with brief introduction to both Outlook Mac and Mozilla Thunderbird and why the need to export Outlook Mac to Thunderbird arises?
Basically, Outlook 2011 for Mac is email client provided by Apple Systems whereas Mozilla Thunderbird is part of Microsoft family and is also a desktop email client with added benefits. Although, Mac Outlook is reliable platform but then also the need to export Outlook Mac to Thunderbird arises amongst most of the users. This can be due to varied reasons either it can be due to change of email platform or it can be sharing issues amongst both email clients.

In some cases it may be because users are migrating towards Thunderbird email client from Outlook 2011 for Mac. Some users are not satisfied with consistencies of Mac systems and thus they decide to move from Mac systems to Windows platform.

Sometimes, users need to share some of Outlook 2011 for Mac emails with Thunderbird users and thus they need to convert respective OLM files data into Thunderbird MBOX format.

Above discussed are some instances where the need to export Outlook Mac to Thunderbird comes in demand. There can be more reasons depending upon the needs of users but focusing fact here is how to export OLM files data into MBOX format.

As both email platforms are different and supports varied file formats, therefore email data cannot be converted directly into each other. Due to file compatibilities OLM files data is not accessible into Thunderbird platform therefore, here comes the need of third party OLM to MBOX converter.

OLM to MBOX Converter – Perfect Migration Tool

Well! Those users who are struggling to find out accurate solution to migrate Mac emails data into Thunderbird application can undoubtedly, rely on professional OLM to MBOX converter as tool offers complete migration of emails from Outlook for Mac to Thunderbird application hassle free. Users can also grasp the facility of converting OLM file email attachments into MBOX formats in their original formats. Moreover, the tool possesses no file limitation over users to execute OLM to MBOX conversion.

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