Mitchel Miles

Millions of men around the world around the world believe that they can charm a woman with all their style and charisma, but women think differently when it comes to wooing her. It has been proved that women around the world are particular about what they want from their lovers and life partners and therefore they look for men that can offer better sexual experience in the bed. If you believe that power is all that matters in the bed then you are wrong because rough sex is not going to please your woman at all even if she likes it for some time. Here are some useful tips on how to be better in bed for him that you can use desensitizing creams for premature ejaculation.

Kissing can really improve your performances in the bed if you know how to be passionate with your partner. There are many men who are passionately in love with their partner and therefore they go for lot of kissing and smooching that arouses their partner before they actually start sexual intercourse. Women on the other hand, will love the feeling of being loved and being kissed and that will only improve the overall sexual experience. Kiss her all over her body and that will only make things good for you and your partner.

Communication is also important when you are making love and therefore you need to keep talking to her while you love her. You can tell her your deepest feelings for her and how passionately you love her. You can also talk a little dirty while you are having sex but make sure that it does not offend her. Do not come up with some cheap sex joke that can put her off. You can talk to her about how you want to do to her and also ask for what makes her feel comfortable while doing so that she can open up.