How to store weed

How To Store Weed In The Best Possible Way

As I have from experience learnt, storing cannabis is a relatively uncomplicated process. Unfortunately I had to find this out from making several botched attempts that quite literally almost drove me insanity. I happen to be a medicinal user of marijuana, and I cannot afford to do without this wonder herb. As with most other individuals in my circumstances, I have found out that it is much cheaper and infinitely convenient to always maintain a sizeable stash. But the problem that I soon encountered after making this resolve is how to store weed effectively to ensure that it retains its potency and freshness.

I have experimented with numerous storage techniques from placing my stash into my freezer, utilizing plastic paper bags, just to mention a few. What I soon discovered that all these methods were not up to the task. I certainly needed a much more efficient method if I wished to retain my stash of marijuana. At the exact moment that I was almost despairing, a good friend of mine who makes use of cannabis purely for pleasure, promptly pointed me on the right direction.

To begin with, integrating a lot of flourish in his address, my friend elaborated on the various factor, which come into play in influencing the potency and freshness of weed. “Matt “, (that’s me) he began , “there are 4 significant factors to always bear in mind when it comes to how to store weed properly. We might as well start from there.” “Well, Jack don’t keep me waiting, give it to me”, I quipped out noticing that my friend had suddenly gone silent and I sensed he was toying with me.




“Well, Matt too much exposure to heat rapidly dries out cannabis. While exposure to moisture can trigger the growth of dangerous bacteria. Secondly exposing your stash to direct light can be detrimental to the trichomes…” I quickly cut him short and asked just what these trichomes could be as I had never heard of the word before. “Matt trichomes are just the sticky resin glands that you particular love from your weed.” “Ooh” ,I murmured suitable awed by my friends extensive knowledge of these affairs. He went on, “ Number three exposure to air also has the necessary punch to dry out cannabis, which definitely redu