Ksenia Ragozina

I'm a student for Public Relations in Moscow aviation university.

I love my specialisation and I hope someday I'll start working in this field. Unfortunately I've not much experience to apply for the job like this in media or pr agency, but I'm trying to find an intern position to work out all my skills that i got in univesity.

I'm nice, kind, responsible person, who can work in difficult situations and keep calm. I've already had an experience working in pr-department in my uni, working with different kinds of texts, helping in preparing special events and working with press. Also I was working like a photographer there.

So my professional skills including such knowledge as making a texts, working with press, creating basic ideas for visual advertisements (work with designers), blogging (in social networks too) and etc. As a photographer I know how to work in different graphic programs.

I know english and french (with dictionary)

I like to study and create, I'm interested in design, infographig, photo, and other visual creating products.

I hope I can be useful. I want to know more, to study smth new.