Cristina Hoyos

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Cristina Hoyos, an artist from Colombia, is a postmodern Surrealist who explores the theme of the “Witness” through the ubiquitous image of a mysterious eye in the sky that appears in many of her paintings, collages and drawings. Hoyos compositions are visionary journeys depicting fragmented figures in metaphysical spaces in luminous colors that enhance their rarefield, dreamlike imagery. The addition of organic material such as leaves, in some of her smaller mixed media works adds to the poetry that makes Cristina Hoyos an appealing and compelling painter of personal dreamscapes.

(Andrew Loomis, Art exhibit in Montserrat Gallery, Broadway, NY, Sept, 2001).


1983-1988: Fine Arts: Universidad de La Sabana, Bogota, Colombia

1989-1991: investigation: Armando Villegas: Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Acrylics and Polymers: Manuel Hernandez studio, Alonso Norena studio, Bogota, Colombia.

1992-1996: Art and Creativity: Investigation in all ages, Bogota, Colombia

1996: Art and Drug addiction in adolescents, Bogota, Colombia