Hoyoung Jung

iOS Development, Software Engineer, and Musician in Oakland, California


You can call me Hoy! I am a 24 years old Korean-American born and raised in Michigan. I have a BE in electrical engineering from Michigan State University. Family and friends are the centerpieces of my life, giving me a drive to constantly learn and better myself. Joy, passion, and optimism allows me to excel in all that I do, creating a stress-free and goal-oriented environment. Creativity is a fundamental attribute I admire as it grounds me to this world, yet allows me to constantly see the world differently. With a strong affinity for art, sports, and developing my crafts, I continue to strive in creativity, work ethic, dedication, collaboration and teamwork. I look for inspiration and motivation in the world around me, even in the simple things (Disney/Pixar).

  • Work
    • Clique
  • Education
    • Michigan State University
    • Forest Hills Northern High School