Michael Hoyt

Phoenix, Arizona

Unlike most of my facebook friends, I never had the opportunity to go to college. I went to work for the railroad right out of high school. I spent 23 years as a brakeman/conductor. In 1988 I left the railroad, a job I hated. I worked in sales for awhile and found out it was a job I was not very good at and finally got a job as a machinist in a machine shop, a job which I loved altho I didn't always like my employer. Somewhere during that time I began to take an interest in politics. I remember when Reagan first mentioned the idea of trickel down economics. I made the statement then that the middle class was in for a major screwing. That the big companies were too greedy to pass any savings on to the middle class and what you were going to see was more profit for them and declining wages for the working people. I didn't realize how prophetic that was. Things that are going on today have me really worried. The tea party and the Republican's egging them on and the death threats against our elected officials, All brought on by people like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and cheered on by republican lawmakers. Sure some are coming out and condemning it now but where were they a year ago when it started. I am a short story writer and I write some free verse poetry which I do post some of my poems on-line. I am unpublished (so far) The hardest thing for me is to share my poems and stories.But I figure what the hell, either they like them or they don't. Well, that's a lot about me, more than I usually tell people, see you on-line

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    • Gold Beach U High School
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