Helpme passdriving

Whatever age you are when you start driving there’s always an element of excitement and obviously, a few nerves too. For those embarking on driving lessons Barnet for the first time there’s a lot to take in and remember. Not only have you got to negotiate the car itself, you’ve got to sit theory and practical tests. It can be a very daunting, yet exciting time. Being able to drive gives you a huge amount of flexibility and freedom and can open doors for you in your social, educational and working life. That is why we at Andy1st driving school in Barnet look after you every step of the way. However large or small your issue or problem, we will have someone on hand to help.

The London Borough of Barnet is in North London which helps form Outer London. It is the second largest London borough based on population and the fourth highest in terms of area, 33 square miles in total. It is littered with places of interest, parks, and nature reserves and boasts no less than sixty-seven sites of Importance for Nature Conservation. With an array of shops, restaurants and cafes, there are plenty of places to visit. So, it’s simply down to you to get learning, passing your test and you too can get out and about with family and friends.

Here at Andy1st we pride ourselves on the high standard of tuition we provide. All of our instructors are trained to an excellent level and are all monitored by the Driving Standards Agency to ensure the standard is maintained. We have male and female driving instructors, can be flexible with regards lesson times and are able to collect and drop off our pupils at locations that are convenient to them. We believe that we are more than just a driving school delivering satisfactory driving tuition. We offer a whole lot more if you come and learn with us.

We obviously teach you the mechanics and basics of getting the car to move but we pay particular attention to hazard perception and observational techniques too. Our main priority is to keep you and those around you safe and with the increase in vehicles on the road these days, your concentration and awareness of what’s going on around you are imperative. We also provide invaluable help with both your theory and practical tests. We have expert instructors who can help you with all aspects of the test and provide specific help for pupils who have additional needs.

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