Katherina Winters

Hogwarts Student and Wizard / Witch in the United Kingdom

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Howdy, I’m Katherina Winters. Sometimes they said it is better to know someone by their story before anything else, so these are mine. Enjoy.




◇ Name: Katherina Eurydice Winters

◇ Born: November 5th

◇ Blood-Status: Pureblood

◇ Age in 2020: 17 (Seventeen)

◇ Current Residence: Yorkshire

◇ Education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

◇ Wand: -

◇ Patronus: -

About her physical

○ Height: 5 feet 4 inches, 1.63 meters

○ Weight: 50 kg, 110 pounds

○ Hair Colour: Black

○ Eye Colour: Brown




▪ Telekineses: Katherina can move any object with just her mind usually through hand movements, she also has the abilty to telekineticly choke someone by focusing on there neck.

▪ Spell-casting: Katherina has the power to cast spells via her mother's spell book

▪ Potion craftcraft: She can brew potions as she did in school

▪ Trasfiguring: She can turn any object into something else of change her clothes with a cloud of purple smoke

▪ Locater Spell: by pouring a potion on an object belonging to the person she can locate anyone

▪ Advanced horse-back riding: has the ability to horse back ride on an advanced stage

▪ Advanced Intelligence: has a very high level of mind and intelligence

▪ Wands: has the power to use magical wands




Katherina has a mother named Regina. Her father is unknown, since Regina refused to talk about him. "He was a good guy, a very good guy. One day he dead. And from that moment, i started to lost controlled on my magic. I killed people and did the bad thing."

Katherina's mother is powerful and complex. With her short hair, power suit, and subdued make-up, she looks every part a business woman. It is not only her clothing that illustrates her control, but also her attitude. She is cold and collected and judgmental from the very moment she acts.

Her mother could not be qualified as a “good person”.

In the past, Regina’s path to control is lined with dark magic. Dark magic is fueled by her anger, and the two intersect endlessly until it is hard to tell whether Regina is controlling the anger, or the anger is controlling her. What is definitive is that the more her power grows the m