Hy Cohen

Originally from the Seattle, Washington area, I moved to Lodi, California in June 2010 after going to school to become a piano tuner & technician.

I now operate my own piano tuning, servicing & repair business called, Hy Quality Piano Service, which services the greater Stockton, Lodi, & Modesto, California area.

Besides operating my own business, I serve my city (Lodi, CA) as a City of Lodi City Council-appointed City Commissioner. I am currently assigned to serve on the City of Lodi Animalisory Commisison (LAAC).

Previously, I was very involved in volunteering my time to my community. I have done everything from tutoring at a local Boys & Girls Club, mentoring children with disabilities, to being a city commissioner, member of a quasi-judicial county agency appeals hearings board, and writing a state law (RCW 9.91.170) in Washington State.

I now live to with my wonderful wife, Jenni, who is a pre-school teacher.