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Little Tofu mini children welcome you!

A. History of birth

Toan Phuc Sai Gon Company was originated from Binh An Cyclosity Production Base established in the 90s.

With 20 years of experience in the profession, we have launched many pedicabs from cyclo cargo, cyclo tourism ... to export cyclos.

By 2007, with some government policies restricting rudimentary vehicles including pedicabs, we were very anxious that one day this cultural product would no longer appear on the street, And the next generation will no longer know the legendary cyclo associated with the culture and beauty of the country.

For that reason, we have created a variety of children's pedicabs, double bicycles, children's lorries ... to serve the amusement parks, business households Family, help maintain a cultural beauty and preserve the next generation.

B. Brand

The Toan Phuc Mini Cyclo Enterprise has created a great reputation in the market with thousands of products available at the amusement parks, cultural venues, restaurants, hotels, famous tourist resorts and cafes. .

Moreover, in early 2014, we have exported more than 200 products abroad to serve the Vietnamese community.

Over a long period of time the product has been put on the market, the pedicab brand of Toan Phuc has created a strong position and reputation for customers.

Coming to the store, you can easily find a cheap pedicab for children, friends and family. The convenience and convenience of the product.

Each pedicab for children before the customer is carefully cared for the company, ensuring the best quality for the customer.

Parents' and children's pedicabs on pedicabs are not only fun for the family, but also a motivation for the whole Toan Phuc Company to constantly innovate and improve to serve well. than.

At present, models of pedicabs of Toich Phuc mini children have been stolen a lot, quality is not guaranteed, customers should consider before choosing. Contact us immediately to get the most complete support for pedicure pedicure products.

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