Hamzah Ramadhan

His name is Hamzah Ramadhan and he is a native Indonesian. Currently studying in the Communication and Public Relation Major in Swiss German University.

My passion in life is revolving in books, social studies, and environmental issue. He's been active since 4 years ago by making his own "green" clubs at his school. His major achievement is by becoming one of a representative of Indoesia as a youth delegtation in UNFCCC/COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico. On June 2010, he is lucky to had a training with Hon. Al Gore and joined under his The Climate Project International.

Reading has been a part of his life since a young age. The first book that he read was Harry Potter and the Sorceress Stone and hook by the whole series afterwards. He reads almost everything, starting from horror to romance and self-improvement to "the idiots guide".

FYI, he is one of the person who just cant lived withouth Twitter, Facebook, and BBM.