HR Chronicle

Applicant Tracking Software, Cloud Based Payroll Software, and Online HR Management in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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HR Chronicle is a Powerful HR and Payroll Management Solution. It can run on the cloud at our data centers or on your premises. It is Secure, Reliable, Trust worthy and supported by a strong talented team of professionals who are responsible for successful implementation, training and after sales service and support. It is sure to exceed your expectations in all aspects of managing payroll in your business. HR Chronicle frees up your valuable time so that you can work on your organizations strategies to help your company grow leaps & bounds. It significantly reduces time delays of manual data processing and saves paper by eliminating the need for printed documents. Also the ability to import bulk data from user friendly excel sheets makes it faster to build masters and process transactions.

With a powerful Report Designer at your disposal, you can be assured all your adhoc management reports need not be programmed each time you need some data in a different way. You can simply choose colors, formatting, data presentation style and build those reports straight away without the need to change HR Chronicle.