HR Buhring

Varied roles within music industry, business, management & production (logistics & music recording) since 2000.

Instruments (music)

Bass & Guitar (Electric/Acoustic), Drums, Voice, Orchestral drums & percussion, woodwind, music studio recording & producer. Classically trained to Grade 5, theory & composition. Lyricist with own material - looking to record/recording space.

Production (music recording & studios)

pre prod, mix, arrange, track, synthesis, record, programmer, producer, lyrist, multi instrumentalist. Binary notation, C, C++ for pc, Text Wrangler & html coding for mac. Equipment, microphone, electronic audio music design knowledge. 32 track desks or higher, SSL rig/digidesign. No automation! Rack & usb synths with drum machines.

Production (logistics)

Problem solver of: equipment needing to fly/be on flights, visas, hotels, couriers, transport, for music or general. How to get equipment to the artist/venue, schedule recipant. how do you liaise & what happens if the tour manager. sound, lights, band, crew, artist is delayed, ill, late, can't make it?

Legal -

Music business. company, recording & contractual law, IPA, copywrite, royalty, I write my own contracts. All work is non disclosure agrrement/contract.

Music Business, A&R, Events Management -

Booking & routing tours. monthly 22/25- 90 date UK. EU, global tours. bespoke events, festivals, PR liaison, riders, press liasion (tv, film, video, radio, magazine). Merch & PR campaign on request. Venue consultation & routing of tours, band, artist A&R. Networking with required personnel. Media, photo, photojournalism exclusive hire. Graphic design, web design (computer programming) flyer & pr design (photoshop, avid, aperture) & up keep of websites. Social media as little or as much as client desires.

Art, music history, photography

Mixed media & collage, sculpture, my art work takes all forms of culture, science, politics, activist inspiration. Papier mache, ink, grass, leaves, twigs. Art history, photography. Digital & film cameras, black & white, colour, process & develop film at different speeds. Study of history of art, photography & popular music - from Edison to 2000. Critique & essay writing

Full artist portfolio details on request.

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  • Education
    • UK educated to Bsc level