Rajesh G


Rajesh is An industry expert with more than 8 years of successfully experienced in administration and human resource management. Rajesh has a proven prowess to foster relationship in Human Resource Management in multinational organizations in MIDDLE EAST world from safe to danger zones countries and managed across diverse workforce.

Why work with Rajesh?

He doesn’t look just the qualifications to match the JD or just hiring bunch of resume. He ensures the right match to nurture strengthen for the company. He is most gratified and a placid, contented when helping people and company to grow professionally.

He started his career in development and investment concerns and grew up with EPC, Oil and energy and managing above 7000+ personnel by equitable in all areas of HRAM.

He is here to sell his skills and the following are for sale, Companies are welcome to buy in permanent or temporary contracts.

# ERP systems (Microsoft dynamics AX) ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, and 28000 management systems, CAFM, HCM, CTN, CTD, PPM , Contract Administration, Project Management, Strategic Management, Change Management, Administration Management, HR mobilization plan & Budget, Campus and Workforce Management, Risk, Time and Security Management, HR Field control vendor practice, WPS (Wages Protection system), Payroll Management System (PMS), Labor relations & public Relations, Recruitment's & resource planning, Leadership, Staff Development, Communication skills, Global Talent, Empower, Training, Multitasking# Executive Calendar, C&B functions, OSHA, EEO Reporting, HRIS Database Management, Collective Bargaining, Contract &Technical Recruitment, Overseas Sourcing, Staffing Services, EPC.

For him "GIVING is the best communication" Taking that is the best knowledge”

He is ready to GIVE and TAKE the responsibility of reliability, professionalism, multinational culture, employee productivity, performance and satisfaction, assertiveness and the ability to encourage others to work cooperatively.

****Contact Him: RAJESH.DUBAIME @GMAIL.COM****