HRH Princess Elizabeth, Duche de Rochefort, XXV

Executive in the United States

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Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth, Duche de Rochefort XXV is the head of the House of Rochefort, holds twenty-two titles by letters patent dating back to the originals given by Papal Bull in 952A.D. and is also the Founder and CEO of The Rochefort Foundation. It is out of deference to her husband, HRH Joseph, Duc de Rochefort XXV that she has chosen to remain known as the Duche de Rochefort XXV.

Her foundation concentrates on ecologically friendly, green recycling, self-sufficient disaster management education of children in extreme poverty around the world. Now the foundation of Her Royal Highness is supporting the work of Father Bosco Ikemeh with children and homeless popultaions in Nigeria and Edwin Okinyi with A Thousand Villages Initiative in Kenya.

Having been reared in a Royal household, HRH Elizabeth was instilled with compassion, charity, humility, honesty, patience, education, faith, and the ability to know when a person possesses those traits, as well, from the hands on guidance of TRH's, her Grandparents until their passing from this life.

Fortunately, she also had the opportunity to work with her Grandmother on the Board of Directors for many organizations in order to prepare for the years when it would become the responsibility of the current Head of the House of Rochefort. Now, she's able to help fulfill her in life of helping others and taking control of the House since her Investiture in 1988 then Assention in 2014 after the finalization of mourning period of time previous Head and the institution of her personal changes to the House mission.

Now, thanks to the guidance and values instilled by her Grandparents, Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth, Duche de Rochefort XXV operates The Rochefort Foundation with all members on the Board Of Directors, and foundation volunteers working together to become an established 501(c)3 since the initial time has passed. All goods donated are directed to the intended recipient as HRH Elizabeth facilitates the bridging of contacts with those charities in need and the sponsors of true generosity.

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