steve sinclair


The main problem faced by oil and gas industries of this age, all over the world is with the recruitment. New people are not willing to work for the industry and its becoming a problem to maintain old employees who have years of experience.

How to tackle this problem?

·New workers are required as some older workers are ready to retire and most are leaving on pre-retirements too. Recruitment officers are required for the job so that they can make new generation workers gain interest in this sector. They must come up with better pay and package plans for new and old workers so that they can be maintained. The new environment and worker friendly “Advantage Technological Resourcing” is a new project which they have taken up to ensure security and health safety for workers in this industries. This includes insurance policies and safety measure protocols which can ensure better safety for workers. HR in Oil & Gas industry needs to be done in a proper manner so that the industry can keep up to the rising demands for gas and oil.

·This industry has also been planning to launch awareness campaigns and ads through electronic media, internet and print media to let people know that there is a lot of demand for gas and oil in various industrious like energy and automobile industries and there are many new reserves where work needs to be done. Basically the message has to be spread that the future of this industry looks very bright.

·The Oil and Gas industry also has to come up with better pay and packages so that they can make new workers come in and maintain the older ones so that they don’t have to leave for such offers elsewhere.

How does the future look for oil and gas industries?

As a whole, the future for the gas and oil industries looks good and people can come up with a better plan to get new workers and keep the older one’s the industry.