Hrish Lotlikar

Hrish Lotlikar serves as a Managing Partner of EastLabs, a venture capital seed accelerator. Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, EastLabs is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of Internet and information technology start-up companies. A member of the company’s Founding Management Team, Hrish Lotlikar holds responsibility for EastLabs’ daily operations and helps start-up businesses gain access to prospective funding opportunities.

Prior to accepting his position at EastLabs, Hrishikesh Lotlikar served as Vice President of Spencer Trask Ventures, where he worked to source, evaluate, and execute an array of venture capital investments. In 2005, Hrishikesh Lotlikar founded The Wall Street Program LLC, a company designed to groom prospective investment bankers to land positions in investment banking, sales and trading, and private equity through training in financial modeling and recruitment strategy. Previously, he served as a Senior Associate for HSBC Securities, helping to establish the health care investment banking franchise in the United States. Hrish Lotlikar’s professional experience has also included associate positions in investment banking with UBS Investment Bank and global business development and management consulting with Aon Hewitt.

Hrishikesh Lotlikar attended Rice University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He then enrolled at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he obtained a Master of Public Health and a Master of Business Administration. A former U.S. Congressional Scholar, Hrish Lotlikar maintains membership with various professional organizations, including the New York Executive Forum, the New York City Venture Connection, and the New York Private Equity Network.