Hristiyan Georgiev

Troyan, Bulgaria

Hi! My name is Hristiyan Georgiev. I was born in 2000 in Shumen, Bulgaria. At the age of 9 i moved to Troyan. Since then I live there. Of all these years I've made a lot of friends(and enemies!). I have a regular life, except my family problems! I moved to Troyan because my Mum and Dad got divorced.

I love drawing, reading and writing. I wrote my first book(at lest the half of it) in 2013. It's called "The Face of Death", it's a sci-fi book. I like playing video games, too. My favourite book till now is "The Dwarves"by Markus Heitz. It's very interesting.

The backgroung of my profile shows my 5 minute drawing of a nose and eye :) . I bought my digital tablet a year ago and I'm in love with it! I want to get a profile on DeviantArt when I get better in drawing.

I know that my biography isn't as well written as yours, but one day I saw this site and I said:"Well, why don't I make a profile here?":D And here me now...

  • Education
    • primary education,
    • 7 grade