Cayce Hrivnak

Hebron, KY

Hi Everyone! My name is Cayce Hrivnak or Cayce Campaign, I am 21 years old from Northern Kentucky. I graduated from Full Sail University for my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Entertainment Business. I am interested in Publicist position for artists or bands, and/or acting and singing in the entertainment industy.

Those who know me will tell you that I am a major multi-tasker when I work. I currently work as an Publicist and Social Media intern for the Horror Host Mr. Lobo and his show Cinema Insomnia. If you've never heard of it, check it out!

Sometimes I will be on the or online interviewing different fans of his for aritcles and figuring out different ways to keep fans interested. Also coming up with ways to attract more exposure for his show and sending out Press Releases while at the same time organizing different ideas I have for song lyrics or poems, and working as a Direct Marketer for Retnom Inc..

As a Publicist, I am here for YOU and YOUR dream. I am here to make sure people know about your talent, your dreams, and to help you achieve them. To make people know you are here and ready for anything!

To me my motto is, "Stay Strong, Never Give Up". The reason is no matter where you come from, who you are, or what you have been through, you can achieve anything by staying strong and persevering. I have worked as a camp kitchen helper, hotel housekeeper, gardener, a website information writer, a temp clerical office worker, and now a Publicist. I have seen people give up on their dreams and it is heart-breaking. Dreams are achievable through planning and working hard and my dream has always been to work in the entertainment industry whether it's in front of an audience or behind-the-scenes and helping others achieve their dreams.

Dreams are achievable. Stay Strong, Never Give Up!

  • Education
    • Bachelor's of Science Degree in Entertainment Business-Full Sail Unive
    • Ohio Virtual Academy