Sailor Girl Sanchez

Im a twenty-something year old, married to a US Navy Sailor. A Submariner to be exact. My life is sometimes a little crazy but I wouldnt trade it for the world. I am currently trying to get healthy and follow my dreams of enlisting in the Navy. I am going reserves because my husband is Active Duty and well, I dont want to chance having to live on opposite sides of the earth. Come follow me and lets support each other!

HW: 205 - 9/1/12
SW: 197 - 11/15/12
CW: 190 - 12/19/12

Mini Goal #1: 185
Mini Goal #2: 175
Major Goal #1: 165
Enlisting in the Navy.

Mini Goal #3: 155
Mini Goal #4: 145
Major Goal #2: 135
Starting our family.