Hannah Rogers

Student in Athens, Georgia

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My name is Hannah, and I am an only child. I am a child who never had to share a room, always got all of the attention, and who typically got everything I wanted.

I am the one who others would call “spoiled”. However, I never had any of these things without working for them. Because I am an only child all the attention is on me to be the best that I can be. I have been shown what it means to work for everything that you have. My parents came from large families who valued hard work, and they wanted to teach me the great success and privileges that come from hard work.

I am someone who others would see as “lonely” because I do not have a sibling, but I am the most sociable and unlonely person you will meet. I have learned to be family and friend oriented because family and friends are forever to me. I have learned to see my parents as my best friends because they deserve to have all my love and attention as that is what they have given to me.

People often believe that I am unable to relate to or understand them because I am an only child. However, being an only child has allowed me to become someone who can learn from others’ experiences because I am able to listen to someone due to the fact that I have no biases regarding siblings or large families since I am not a part of one. I am an only child who knows the meaning of hard work, family, and understands where everybody comes from and that not every story is the same as mine, and that has made me the strong, patient, driven, and kind person that I am today.