Hunter Rogerson

I am an emerging composer.
I don't have a sad story or a sales pitch - I'm just totally in love with making music. So far, it's been a constant gravitation towards creating, and to me, there's been no better way to create than through the medium of sound.

There's something very humbling about music.
It's a way of speaking, but in a language that anyone can participate in, and one that doesn’t permit falsification. I've yet to play a sarcastic note and I'm yet to hear a chord that lied. That's powerful to me.

So, what's the point of my music?
It doesn't stop at the ears! I live my life inspired by the music I hear and see. Sound has a severe duality with sight; they belong together. I am inspired just as heavily by the binaural landscapes as I am the visual worlds that music can paint in the mind.

With that said, I plan to take my music to the screen- TV, movies, and video games are my frontier.