hrss mithshr’s contextual (Pay per Click) PPC Advertising system is quickly becoming the choice of cutting edge up and coming advertisers and established companies looking for the easiest and most effective way to advertise in the Web 2.0 generation.

And it is very easy to understand why their network Best PPC Networkis so popular. Of course, the higher the bid, the better position your ads get on the Publisher network, but it’s all up to you, the advertiser and what you can do. With , you, as the advertiser choose exactly how much to spend.

By being in complete control of bids, you get to set your own daily, weekly and monthly budgets and change them as needed. You also get to set the maximum bid that you can pay per click in competitive situations... Making an actual start is super easy to boot.

On, you go to the Advertiser Sign-Up Form, compose your first campaign (including images)-and submit the form. Once your a ccount is open, you add a deposit, whatever amount you deem appropriate.

It should be at least $25 to start, but there are no limits on how long you have to spend whatever you deposit. Also, there are many options to pay (in U.S. dollars) with PayPal, AlertPay, moneybookers or even bank wire transfer. You just have to be sure that

(1) you have enough funding for the submitted campaign;

(2) your Minimum CPC bid is equal to or higher than other advertisers for the same contextual network; and

(3) category you have specified the current date or one in the future (if you erroneously select a date in the past, your ads won’t be displayed). Usually, once your account is set up and funded, approval is nearly immediate.

You can figure this out easily by clicking “View Recommended CPC,” and then bidding the same or more.. That's the whole process and after the very first time, it takes just a couple of minutes. Then the’s system takes over and their algorithms match you with the right Publisher sites for your ads to find the best exposure.

Their high tech support monitoring analyzes every single click and impression your ad gets to ensure you get high high quality traffic. PPC NetworkTheir customer support is always available and they will help you troubleshoot any problems you may have. wo