I am on a journey,
And I choose to walk.
I am on a quest to inspire,
My strength is my art.

I am an artist by desire,
I follow my heart.
I have a dream to catch on,
Desperate to keep going on.

Time is my enemy,
But my faith keeps me going.
I face hard times,
And I let them pass.

I play with my mind,
It makes me sharp.
I juggle with words,
It’s a habit I love.

The purpose of my life,
Is a motel on my path.
But my heart asks,
To go that past.

There is more to see,
I have to go beyond.
With every acquaintance,
I see clear and far.

The more I travel,
The more I learn.
Catching for a breath,
And again moving forward.

Halting may cause,
The job to be undone.
So I’ll move on,
I pledge to myself.

My quest is a joy,
Leading me towards light.
And on this long road,
I choose to walk.