Agmey Service

AGMEY is a new generation company providing services and customized solutions to organizations, contractors and businesses. The team at AGMEY includes experts who have extensive industry exposure and experience in various services like payroll and salary packaging, accounting, bookkeeping, contract management and invoicing. AGMEY was founded in 2012 and is located in Australia and has since been catering to clients across the World. AGMEY has built its reputation on affordable pricing, timely delivery and high quality tailored solutions. These qualities have also allowed us to build lasting relationships with our esteemed clients.

At AGMEY we treat the outsourcing opportunities provided by our clients as business partnerships. We at AGMEY cater to a wide variety of clients ranging from new businesses to established organizers and budding entrepreneurs. AGMEY will thus help you achieve more than just administrative competence- we will help you achieve your business objectives. The expert team at AGMEY will look after your non-core activities so that you can channel your resources into the core activities and expand your business.

Various managed service providers also partner with AGMEY to ensure global compliance contingent payroll processing, work permit solutions as well as taxation in Australia. The team at AGMEY provides expertise in delivering global solutions that allow the managed service providers to service their client partners.