Hallie Salko

I am fearless, raring to face the world as it comes at me full force. Finding opportunities, and trying new things everyday to help others. I excell in writing and math, as I put compassion into everything I do. I love to find new and innovative ways to complete tasks and obtain the desired results. W.P. Kinsella once said, “Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.” I strive to be one who stands out from others in ways that are unexplainable, connecting with those around me, and changing the lives of those who I encounter. I am someone who can face the truth, and will do anything to resolve a problem. I am an analytic thinker who dares to go deeper into the world, and can see things which may not be apparent to others. I give advice, and direction to those who cannot find words, as well as listening to those who need to be heard. I know I am not perfect, but for right now I am me.