Harry Jim Secusana

Cebu City, Philippines

Harry Jim Secusana is a Management Accounting graduate of the University of San Carlos, situated at Cebu City, Philippines a South East Asian country. He practices accounting and accounting operations processes with Lexmark Research and Development Corporation a shared service center of Lexmark International Inc. He has been connected with Lexmark for almost three (3) years starting on 2012. Currently he is handling Travel Expense audit for Europe, Middle East and African countries on where Lexmark offices is situated. He was also a Bank Operations Specialist for Lexmark, part of his previous job is releasing payments to Lexmark vendors and suppliers, communicating transfer of payments and assurance of on-time settlement of payables.

He is also studying electrical circuits theories, concepts and practice. Learning and applying in actual state, since he has been accepting part time jobs, such as residential electrical wiring installation, residential electrical load and circuits analysis as well as electrical planning consultations.At the same time, he is also studying and accepting projects for basic computer trouble shooting, such as disk reformatting, back-up file or file recovery, OS installations, and computer and general computer set-up. His life has also been dedicated to outdoor activities, he is a mountaineer in the Philippines. He is one of the organizer of a mountaineering club named Gallopers Mountaineering Association. He had organized climb activities with the team and attending nationwide climb activities in protecting natural resources, not limited to clean-ups and wildlife preservation activities.His motivation in life is to move forward the awareness of each individual the purpose of technology, electricity and natural resources to the well-being and the balance of circuits in the humanity with our natural resources through this information age of our developed technologies.
  • Work
    • Lexmark Research and Development Corporation
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting