Sergey Hambardzumyan

Berlin, Deutschland

The only real is the logic, the only way to recognize it is to fool.

The only logic is the sequence, only way to recognize it is to chaos.

The only chaos is the war, only way to recognize it is to calm.

Judgment is universal, the implication is personal.

The entire power of the numbers is rooted in your ability to make them sing. I am not nerd, nor I am a genius mathematician. I do not have scientific background or any confirmation of being great at anything. All I have is the ability to make sense out of senselessness. Sometimes even good things do not make sense, like ideas of socialism, utopian dreams of mediocre men attempting to kill the king. The equality is the sign of the internal struggle of the system when both sides are silently agreeing not to deviate. Equality is the stagnant phase. Only when there is an attempt to approximately reach to the limit the system starts to live. It starts to explore its ability, it pushes elements here and there to testify the robustness, it makes changes to ensure the differential. I admire infinity but more than that I obey to power of Zero.

Overall the contradiction is a scale without measurement of the weight. Twisted sentences are the attempts of the intellect to self exceed and that is where they fail.

Imagine the music could be drawn or the painting could be sang or the book could be ....what?? what is the abstraction of the meaning??

  • Work
    • Mathematician
  • Education
    • Bi Norwegian School of Management
    • Yerevan State University