Beverly Hills, CA

Nancy's Personal Statement

My passion is connecting with people. I hope to be the new face of luxury tourism in Beverly Hills. As a seasoned assistant to both CEOs & Hollywood stars, attending to their every whim & discerning taste is my expertise.

When I decided to leave my last personal assistant job, Beverly Hills luxury came calling. The next day! I was offered a luxury sales position right away because of my familiarity with high caliber clientele & my Mandarin Chinese speaking skills. It was pretty flattering & amazing to see that there is quite a demand. I didn't realize my native tongue was such an asset!

This offer got me thinking. How can I create my ideal job position by combining my strengths & passion? My strength is being able to manage peoples' lives seamlessly, being knowledgeable about current events & trends, & negotiating a good deal.

Walking into any store on Rodeo Drive can be a daunting experience even as a native speaker with money ready to spend. My job is to ease the experience with my network & help you ask the uncomfortable questions--is that the best price? Having always been the middle person between vendors & my clients, I pride myself on delivering above & beyond my client's expectations. That is why my philosophy is, it never hurts to ask. Ultimately, I would not be here if not my for clients, therefore their happiness is my priority.

On a personal level, I love to bring light into people's lives. My generation has created many small business owners with the blogging community who are pursuing their passion in dining, fashion and/or travel. Following that trend and being able to work for myself, it allows me the flexibility to spend quality time with family & friends.

As a personal concierge, my goal is to help my clients, Chinese or not, get a glimpse of fine dining, entertainment, & shopping in Beverly Hills (experience a new city like a local). I curate a personal cheat sheet on the hot or bespooke trends, classic luxury & what the taste makers are after for the short time they are in town!

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