Hassan Raza


I am simple person, Steadfast, ambitious, determined, relentless, practical and helpful. am Diligent, conscientious, hardworking, ambitious, cautious, tolerant, patient, disciplined, calculating and confident, It seldom allow me any sort of permissiveness, which makes me among most reliable people to work with.

Interested in Entrepreneurahip, Trading, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Brand Developing, Consumer Buying Behavior, NLP, Hypnosis, Psychology

Currently Manager Marketing Responsibilities include strategic marketing management, Brand strategy and management , Communication and Public Relation, B2B, B2C, and Internet Marketing.

Strategic consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development, and social media management. Provides a leadership role in developing a culture that enables employees to perform in accordance to a firm’s objectives.

  • Work
    • Aspenvale
  • Education
    • MBA