Hrishikesh Somani

Get into your dream B School in the US and Get your Dream Job with a Kick Ass Resume in Vietnam

Hi there! I am Hrishi and I am here to make your career transition smooth and effective with high ROI.

1) If you're applying for an MBA to the US, I am the guy to help you draft kick ass Application Forms (Essays and Resume).

2) If you are switching jobs or finding new ones, I will help you draft a strong resume that reflects all your strengths and achievements in a concise and compelling manner.

3) Got interviews coming up for a job or university? I will train you in interviewing skills, do mock interviews with you and give you detailed feedback on areas for improvement.

My services are tailored to only a specific target group so it's good to know if you're a part of that group or not.


- You are a driven professional who wants the resume to kick ass and want my support in sharpening your content and making recruiters pick up phones and call you.

- You are passionate about going to your dream B-school in the US and need my expertise to shape your content and make your application form a solid piece of sales pitch.

- You want to kick some ass in your interviews and are ready to learn and be open minded; come talk to me and we'll together knock those interviewers' socks off!

Who are my services NOT for?

- If you're a lazy job seeker and looking for me to develop a resume and do all the work for you, i don't think I can help you out.

- If you're applying for an MBA and expecting me to draft your essays from scratch and you don't take part in the process or ideation, maybe I am not the person you want to talk to.

If you think you're a driven individual, book a consultation with me and we can get you ready for your next career move!