Dr. Hakan M. Sonmez

Product Lead in Turkey

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He studied at Medical University and worked for a time as a medical doctor. From an early age, he was immersed in the world of IT. He’s specialized in online/digital marketing, business modeling, analysis, project management, and research & development.

Previously since 2016, he was founder and CEO at InfiniteSoft, where also managing external investments that the company makes in IT startups.

Infinitesoft team has been acquired by Insider in January, 2018. As part of the move, the company’s founder and CEO, Dr. Hakan Mutlu Sonmez, folded his company into Insider, and took on the role of Insider’s Product Lead.

Forward-focused IT management authority with a strong ability to identify opportunities for revenue growth and build high-performance teams to support company objectives and products.

Action-driven senior management executive with expertise in business and product development, cross-functional team leadership and delivering positive outcomes with strong and sustainable gains. Able to create a project/team/- company from null using the classic, scrum (agile) or Kanban systems. Also able to identify and implement strategies to reduce costs, increase revenue, strengthen customer-product owner-team relationships, improve business and project management practices and drive pro table growth within IT. Broad based management skills, with strong strategic planning, communication, organization and decision making ability to successfully direct concurrent projects. Mentors staff and encourages a team environment for high levels of employee confidence and satisfaction.

Took part as a manager in many different kinds of international IT projects including sites for English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Turkish and Russian audiences.

Successful project management skills lead him to improve various kinds of startups in different business fields. He is also an expert in process automatisation.

He takes part in every stage of the working process, and believes the success of the projects lies in the hands of happy team members. That’s why he works to regulate all processes so that goals can be realised.

He likes technology, innovations, and international trends. Travelling is also one of his favorite parts of the job.

  • Work
    • Insider
  • Education
    • National O.O. Bogomoletz Medical University
    • National Technical University