Andy Hsu

I think the most important thing in life is that nothing will come and finish easy.

I remember in first grade when my teacher bought catterpillars and we watched and helped them grows into butterflies. We let them go free after the grown.

My third grade teacher, Ms.Hurley, had the best influence on me because she would lets want to go to school. She had many fun activities, and my favorite was "Team Jeopardy" before a teast or quiz. It was a fun way to learn and study.

My third grade friends were very fun. I remember going to the Oakland Zoo with them on a field trip. And since I went to a privaye school, almost everyone looked at us thinking,"Is this actually a field trip of ten people?"

I was builled in elementary school, and I felt helpless. But once you tell a parent and stand up, then they will stop bullying you.

I live with my always caring parents and my fifth grade sister.

When I asked my mom for some "Words of Wisdom", she said to "always look at the glass half full, not half empty, or nothing with be classified as fun".

I am a outdoor person who loves going on hikes and camps. I learned in life that I do my best when I try and focus really hard.

If I could one thing about my personality, it would be to cooperate better in groups, becuase usually I find myself as the leader or the invisible person.

I learned this year that hard times will strike unexpectedly, but always push yourself out of the mess and countinue with your life like nothing happened.

My goals for the rest of middle school is to meet more friends and to get good grades.

My goals for high school and beyond is to try to be an honor stident and get into a good college.

I will reach these goals by trying hard and not getting off track.