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San Diego, CA

Hello there, traveler. Let me introduce myself. I am not very good at introductions, let me warn you. I am merely a regular teenage girl, 16 years young, a child of God, Chinese, from sunny California.

I am an overachiever, but that doesn't mean that I'm not chill. In my spare time, I love writing and spazzing about my OTPs with fellow shippers x) K-pop is a sort of medicine for me, although perhaps it is way more poisonous than it is beneficial. Anyhow, my ultimate-ultimate bias is a certain fishy by the name of Lee Donghae, and my ultimate girl crush is a beautiful girl by the name of Im YoonA. I have tons of other favorites, though. YoonHae is my ultimate OTP, and give me Kaistal, or give me death.

Drop by my Tumblr for some glimpses into my life, or perhaps venture in to my Twitter - I apologize in advance for the inevitable spam. Ask me whatever, and maybe I will answer.

This is my motto: "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength." -- Philippians 4:13

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    • Westview High School