Hussam Tahir

Hussam Tahir (Arabic: حسام طاهر) (born on May 17, 1995)is a rapper, music composer, dancer, rap writer and a student living in La Rioja, España. Hussam Tahir was born on May 17, 1995 in Ajman (Arabic: عجمان‎ ʿAǧmān), United Arab Emirates. He is of Mongols and Aryan ancestry. His first language is English. He is currently studying Science Studies in España. He is an Optimist. He is a redbelt in Taekwondo. He don't drink ,neither do he smoke ,no drug addiction. He is a business man ,got a tight schedule. He don't do stupid shit. People don't know how to test him He is doing it from 2003. He Never had a job. He is not unemployed. He a sole trader. He is a bad man at the end of the day. Hussam is Ambitious and he got a million ways to get it. No, He's not a Jonas Brother, He's a grown up. He moves forward the only direction. World can't hold him, too much ambition. He Drinks quarter waters gotta be the best. Although he is paranoid but he is quite friendly. He even stays up late.