Anthony Horowitz

Recently, the Android rooting community is seeing the One Click root trend, such as the Samsung Galaxy S root on Windows, and Mac OSX. Similar to this root, we now have a single click root for several HTC Android phones, including Spring EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic), Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible), HTC Desire, HTC Aria, Droid Eris (HTC DesireC), and HTC Wildfire (HTC Buzz).

Unrevoked, the one click root for HTC phones, started off as a root for HTC EVO 4G and now supports several other phones. For those how to root htc one who are still wondering whether to root, here are some of the reasons: you can get custom ROMs on your device, for instance putting HTC Desire ROM with the Sense UI on Nexus One, perform nandroid backups, lots of customization to the UI, enabling some how to root htc one features such as Tethering and so on.

Here is how you can root your HTC Android phone using Unrevoked.

Note: At this time, unrevoked3 does NOT work on stock Froyo (Android 2.2) phones. The current version of Unrevoked is 3, however due to some bugs they have taken it out and are currently offering only Unrevoked 2 for download. Windows users should install the HBOOT drivers.

You need to install HBOOT drivers on Windows (steps given below). Also you need to uninstall HTC Sync, DoubleTwist or any other program that tries to access your device via USB. Simply disabling these applications will not stop them from interfering with the root process, so uninstall them completely before going ahead. Otherwise you may see ‘Waiting for system to settle’ message, hanging the program.