H. Thomas Gillis

Branford, Connecticut

About.me! My name is Thomas Gillis. I live in Branford, Connecticut USA. I am 55 years young. My life was all about being an athlete into my twenties and then then alcohol and cocaine sidetracked me. I became an Alcoholic by age 19 and landed in Alcoholics Anonymous - "By the Grace of God," at age 23. I never wanted to attend AA - I was somewhat tricked into going to a meeting. My life was the proverbial 'train - wreck.' Everyone could see it except me. I was in love with booze.

The last 15 years I have managed a small internet business. We offer blog tech support and all social media support to small business and busy professionals.

I started a nonprofit AlcoholicShare.org to help other suffering alcoholics. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and several blogs. We are a 501(C)3 non profit.

I have been working on a memoir for 4 years, the first book in a trilogy. Developing writing craft takes time as I raise the bar with each draft. I am writing about my youth and descent into alcoholism at the age of 19 and my subsequent recovery that began with my first AA meeting at age 23. I plan to publish my story in the January 2017. My hope is my story will provide inspiration to never give up and over-come major life obstacles, - that we all deserve 'Second Chances' in life and to provide understanding to family and friends of alcoholics - what we go through in order to try and grasp the gift of sobriety.

My message is: "You are not alone if you are struggling to live a sober life." - "Getting Sober is the hardest thing an Alcoholic will ever do." - If I can get sober almost anyone can get sober if they want to change their lives badly enough no matter the circumstances.

All the years I lost to my addiction to alcohol - I will never get them back, now I know the high price I paid and am grateful for each precious day. I simply Thank God I never hurt anyone driving drunk or one of the any tragic things that happen to many alcoholics. I was very lucky beyond words and have more than 25 years "clean-time."

My desire to piece back together my story has been a journey of discovery. I want to bring the reader into my former reality so they can feels the insane life the alcoholic is drawn into slowly and the raw pain and suffering that an alcoholic experiences at different stages in the disease.

I love creative people who are trying to make the world a better place for all on this planet.

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    • University of Vermont 1987