Haya AlNaimi


I’m an aspiring lawyer, one good enough to twist the truth. I breathe the law, speak it, read it and practice it. Why the law? Couldn’t answer that question back in the days, but I can now; it’s to be invincibly unstoppable… although, my backup answer would be to put bad people behind bars. Ha-ha.

I happen to be an occasional artist, or so I like to believe I am ideally when in the right mood. All that was the result of dabbling in my spare time, nothing professional. I became quite good though, received a few compliments here and there, therefore took it from there. Hence; me calling myself an ‘artist’. Not to brag but, you can check my sketches out at iDefine.it … for proofing purposes only.

I’m also a passionate writer, ‘that’ I take pride in. I logically question a lot of things those so-called humans do and say in our world today; therefore put my controversial, somewhat ‘argumentative thoughts’ into writing. Seeking to influence a crowd…

I. Run. Projects.

I. Exhale. Ideas.

I’m into everything good.

Sarcasm. Had to throw that in somewhere. Yes. Sarcasm.

So, yeah.

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