H.T. Strange

Writer in England, United Kingdom

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Living in Manchester for the past three years whilst I completed my Bachelors Degree, I specifically focused on capturing an attention to detail in the lives of my characters from my observations of the many people around me.

Studying such movements as Dogme 95 I have stripped my written storytelling raw to show real emotion, and feeling through both my screenwriting, memoirs, and novels.

Now returning to Derbyshire with a First Class Honours from The University of Salford, I'm looking forward to expanding my reach further into written journalism since my work in documentary, for causes that aren't getting coverage, or those who simply should be heard. And continuing with my existing efforts to widen my audiences to read my words, and make a lasting impact.


◘ The Will of the People (2019)

Non Fiction:

◘ Heartstrings (2017)

◘ Untitled Non Fiction Study (2019)


◘ HIKE (2017) [Post-Production: To be released in May 2018]

◘ Amelia (2017) [Post-Production: Release date TBC]

Do reach out to me if you are keen on reading any of my work. Both screenplays above are done, as soon as films are released, they will be linked. Find me on social media, and don't be a stranger!


  • Education
    • University of Salford